Price 225.00 GEL

The Crosman Achery Wildhorn Compound Bow Package is designed as the ideal set for beginners or youths stepping up to the next level. It comes with heavyweight and durable composite limbs. This Crosman Wildhorn compound bow has a draw weight up to 29 lbs. It has a large sight window for improved precision aim. The right handed compound bow is supported by heavy duty strings, making it remarkably durable. It weighs just 1.5 lbs making it a suitable first time or step-up junior compound bow. This kit includes two 26″ composite arrows, a two-piece arrow quiver, a finger guard, an arrow rest, an arm guard and a pin sight.


Capacity: 2

Ammo type: Arrows

Height: 69.9 CM

Cocking Effort: 13.2 KG

Material: Composit

Shape: Compaund