PCP Breaker SS

PCP Breaker SS

Price 1,150.00 GEL

Based on the full-size Puncher PCP, the Puncher Breaker is a bullpup version of an already impressive airgun platform.
The Puncher Breaker maintains the power and accuracy of the Puncher PCP rifles while upgrading maneuverability and reducing weight. This variant features a durable, black synthetic stock with a built in compartment to store the included second magazine. The 7.5'' Weaver rail lets you choose your scope layout.
Shoot to your preference with an adjustable power system so you can get more shots or shoot harder. Likewise, the 2-stage adjustable trigger system adjusts to your preference. The large 280cc cylinder and a 200 BAR (2,900 psi) fill pressure, takes its shots to the limit! Keep snapping rounds into the breach with the nickel sidelever. The half-shrouded barrel significantly reduces the sound of the shots and is excellent for backyard target practice and pest removal.
Each gun comes with 2 rotating magazines and a single shot tray. This bullpup also comes with an optional weaver rail section that can be mounted in the forearm of the stock for a bipod or fore-grip.


Caliber: 4.5 MM

Capacity: 14(2X)

Ammo type: Pellets

Velocity: 400 M/S

Power source: PCP

Length: 77 CM

Barrel length: 53.5 CM

Weight: 3.4 KG

Material: Steel

Safety: Manual

Stock: ABS Plastic

Air Tank: 280 CM3