Crosman Colt 1911(Goverment)

Crosman Colt 1911(Goverment)

Price 250.00 GEL

Backyard fun is back with this 1911-style BB pistol! Featuring authentic blowback action and the realistic heft of full metal. The GI Model 1911BBb is so awesome you'll want to throw on a Hawaiian shirt, hop in the Ferrari and start calling your landlord Higgy-baby. Mustache optional.
This pistol is powered by CO2 and shoots BBs up to 450 FPS. It has a 20-shot magazine and the detachable grips and handy integrated CO2 tool makes changing cartridges easy.


Caliber: 4.5 MM

Capacity: 20

Ammo type: BB

Velocity: 137 M/S

Power source: CO2

Length: 21.9 CM

Weight: 0.85 KG

Material: Full Metal

Safety: Manual