Benjamin Phoenix NP2

Benjamin Phoenix NP2

Price 685.00 GEL

Benjamin Phoenix 177 cal synthetic break barrel air rifle has the new Nitro Piston two-system featuring an upgraded power plant and all-new, enhanced Clean Break Trigger (CBT™). The .177 caliber Benjamin Phoenix shoots up to 1400 fps  and delivers 23 foot pounds of energy (fpe). In addition the NP2 powerplant offers a smoother-shooting gun with less vibration, less recoil and up to a 10-pound reduction in cocking force. The Benjamin Phoenix also includes an integrated sound suppression system that makes the gun quieter than ever. The All-Weather synthetic stock features a thumbhole configuration with rubber recoil pad. It includes a CenterPoint 4x32mm scope.


Caliber: 4.5 MM

Capacity: 1

Ammo type: Pellets

Velocity: 428 M/S

Power source: Nitro piston 2

Length: 116.3 CM

Weight: 3.62 KG

Material: Steel

Safety: Manual

Scope: CenterPoint 4X32

Stock: ABS Plastic