Crosman 760BKT

Crosman 760BKT

Price 170.00 GEL

At less than 3 lbs., it's a great starter air rifle. The stock and forearm are made of a durable synthetic that takes lots of use and still looks good. An economical rifle, the Pumpmaster takes up to 10 pumps to send BBs 700 fps and pellets 650 fps. The checkering on the grip and the indentations on the pump handle make it that much easier to get a grip and stay on target. Ideal for shooting very small rodents (at close range), plinking and target shooting. (Never shoot BBs at hard objects!) It's so light that you can shoot all day! Suitable for younger shooters (with adult supervision) and smaller adults.
Pellets are loaded into a 5-shot clip, while BBs have an 18-shot magazine, which is fed from the 200-shot reservoir. It comes with standard front sight, but you can get even more accuracy by mounting a scope or red dot on the 11mm dovetail rail.


Caliber: 4.5 MM

Capacity: 5 pellets, 18 BB

Ammo type: pellets, BB

Velocity: 210 M/S

Power source: Multipump

Length: 86 CM

Weight: 0.640 KG

Safety: Manual

Scope: Centerpoint 4X15

Stock: Plastic